Kanaiya Bhagat

"At Rameshwaram Group, contractors and employees are under the utmost discipline that is one of the reasons they can build marvellous buildings and providing spacious flats to the people of Surat City."

Dipak Panchal

"Builder with a great vision for a superior lifestyle...!! Excellent construction quality in Surat area."

Piyush Soni

"Wonderful construction. Excellent projects. Highly Recommended to flat buyers cause they are maintaining their quality standard and chaging the living style of Surat People."

Darshana Mehta

"I am exceptionally awesome full to reknown developments for their brilliant structures high ascending in Surat. Recently i have purchased flats in their project named "Rameshwaram DevBhoomi", i really appreciate their construction and structure quality as they promised. It is qood decision for me and my husband to purchase new flats with this project."

Seema Chauhan

"I actually bought a 3 BHK apartment in Rameshwaram Aadinath. Since I stay abroad, I trusted notoriety to take up my closet and kitchen plan and establishment. The indexes appeared to me were really pleasant. Amenities they provide to customers in this project is very noticeable. Good services to NRI customers."

Ketan Pipaliya

Rameshwaram Group is the one true construction which use best quality materials and cement and the design is simply superb and in Surat. Many people believe on Rameshwaram Group, so this is the one best constructions in the Surat City Area.

Tushar Chaubey

"Hello Everyone, I am Tushar Chaubey from Banaras and i have recently changed my job in Surat City. I heard from broker that "Rameshwaram Grou" has the good quality projects, but when i saw construction, it's really impressive work for flat owners with luxurious life style and facilities. Good choice for me to buy new flat with this reputed organisation."

Dhara Sharma

"Buying a new flat is like a dream for middle class family and need of life. I have heard this name lot of time "Rameshwaram Group" with my co-workers and friends that if you want to buy a new flat for lifetime, then go for this group. It's like a dream comes true with buying a new flat with this company."

Shalini Agarwal

"Good Flats to live, atmosphere they provide with quality construction. Built up area also cleared as per mentioned in brochure. They are providing quality as they promised."

Mamta Soni

"Very good choice for my family they we took decision to purchase a new flat with this group. They are providing excellent construction standard with style and design also. Good atmospheric view from the flat balcony and very good amenities connected to people's life style. Good choice for me really."